Miss Teen North East Saskatchewan, Elaine VallierHey, my name is Elaine Stella Vallier. I won my title at the Miss Teen Saskatchewan World pageant 2012. I am so proud to say that I represent my North East area and be able to say that I am going to be competing for Miss Teen Canada World 2012 in July. I am so excited to meet all the beautiful, young, talented girls in Toronto. This is all very new and overwhelming to me because I am from a small town called Carrot River, Sk. I want to try to make the best of this because it is such a great experience being able to help out your community and etc.

I have always loved singing and acting; I have had this dream since I was 5 years old, being able to perform for people. And coming from a small town I would have never thought I would get this kind of experience. I know that lots of people still need to find themselves and I will be honest I still am as well. I am still very young yet but when I sing it makes me feel free, happy, and proud. It is very hard to explain because there are so many words that can describe it.

I have lots of family and friends around my community which I love because it just feels more like a home then a community. It is easy for me to make friends because I am such an outgoing person. I am very happy, bubbly, funny, easy going, down to earth type of girl. And yes I do talk A LOT!! My friends and family call me Tweety because I can’t stop talking sometimes..like a bird that chirps constantly.


I want to show every single girl that anyone can become a pageant girl. If you are from a small town or a city. While holding my title as Miss Teen North East Saskatchewan World 2012, I would also like to be a great role model for young people all around the world. I want you to go for what you believe in and not to hold back because of others. God made us all different and for a reason! We all have different dreams and if you want that dream to come true then you go for it, and go hard!!! This is why I am going to try my best to pursue my dream as a singer/actress.


My platform is bullying because I was bullied as a child. And still growing up, I know how it feels to walk into school, your home, etc with a smile on your face and no one knowing that you are falling apart inside. I understand how it feels to not want to talk to anyone because you want to be strong but I found out that is not being strong. Being strong is showing someone that you care and want to make a difference. You should tell someone so we can make it stop because children all around the world are in depression, fear, and having suicidal thoughts. There are different kinds of bullying like emotional, and physical. I over came bullying but sometimes still let it get to me until I think that there are a million reasons that I am here and being your Miss Teen North East Saskatchewan World 2012 is one of them. I want all of you to stand up with me and make a difference!

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I would like to make a special thanks to all my family, friends, and sponsers that gave me this chance to be here. Also another great thank you to Miss Teen Canada World for giving me this experience of a life time. I am so excited to be able to pursue my dreams.

Thank you for reading.

Elaine S Vallier

xooxo 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great day everyone! Keep in touch for new posts!

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3 Responses to Hello from Elaine Vallier, Miss Teen North East Saskatchewan World 2012

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    hello Elaine Vallier, 2012 Miss Teen North East Saskatchewan World. I cant wait to read this post again after you add pictures, categories and tags and a link to Carrot River community website. Use these tools to show us yourself and your life.

  2. elainevallier says:

    Thank you so much Rob!

  3. Great platform Elaine, one that is always a rising issue that hopefully one day will be diminished! Can’t wait to meet you in a few days!

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