Hey guys, so i know it’s been a bit since I last blogged but i promise this one will make up for it! As title holders we were asked to write a blog post. For this one, I’m going share my favourite places in my region. Now this was a bit hard for me to do because I live in a border town. And because of this, I spend most of my time in a small little town called Flin Flon which can be found in Manitoba. So what i decided to do, is to show you guys a place near me in Manitoba and two in saskatchewan. 

Before tell you guys about the lakes, I’d like to tell you guys about one of the things the north is known for. One of my all time favourite views, is of the Northern Lights. I love the way how the greens, blues, purples and yellows all dance together. It may sound like I’m a little crazy but I promise, they actually dance. I’ve seen the Northern Lights many times and every time I see them they take my breath away. And now, here is my take on the lakes in the northeastern area. 🙂

The other girls may have posted about little shops or a specific location, but I’m not. My favourite place in my region is the lakes. There are lakes everywhere in my region. I have one right behind my house, one fifteen minutes away another one about twenty minutes away, anyways you guys get the point, there are lakes everywhere. 

My town, as well as Flin Flon, is known as a fishing town. We have tourists from the states, and across the country that come to fish near us. In my free time, I’ll go out with some friends and we’ll all go out fishing. Some days we’re not so lucky, but sometimes it’s just about being with your friends and having a good time. 

Another thing I love about the lakes, is the way they look after a hot day, with the sun going down. The sunsets are beautiful up here, I’ve never seen sunsets quite like the ones up here, if I’m being completely honest. Its always nice time unwinding after a long day on a boat, just watching the sun go down.

There are so many great things about the lakes here. Many people spend their summer days out on the lake. They’re either tubing, water skiing, seadooing, wake boarding and many other water sports. You will also find that the beaches are usually packed on a hot day. Everyone goes to the beach when it’s a hot day, especially kids. 

There are three lakes in particular that I’d like you guys to see. The lake in Manitoba is called Athapap and the other two lakes in Saskatchewan are called Amisk and Jan. If you guys are ever in my region, I definitely recommend you guys go check these lakes out. And if you want to stay a couple nights, I know there are a few cabins that they rent out at Athapap and there is a campground out at Jan Lake! 

Love Always, 



Written by: Alyssa

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